Nampa Optimist Cheerleading

    The members of the Nampa Optimist Club are proud of all of the little Optimist football players in our Nampa Optimist Football program. However, we noticed we were mostly serving boys. We actively encouraged girls to play football, but many just weren’t interested in playing football. Most families include boys and girls as well as different ages. With each project, the Nampa Optimist Club tried to include the whole family.

    Our solution was to create the Nampa Optimist Cheerleading program. Many of the Dads coach the team their son plays on. Now Moms and Sisters could participate by being in the Nampa Optimist Cheerleading program. The Nampa Optimists enjoy the fact that many entire families participate with their teams.

    Nampa Optimist Cheerleading is great training for Public Relations. This program helps train these young leaders for tomorrow. Every business in America needs a good Cheerleading department.

Nampa Optimist Cheerleading
    Cheer Camp is a fun time for all of our Optimist cheerleaders. At Cheer Camp this year, we had High School Cheerleaders from our local High Schools help train our Optimist cheerleaders. Everybody wins from this association.

    The Nampa Optimist Cheerleading program also participates in Nampa's annual "Parade America." Nampa Optimist Cheerleading has even won awards and honors for our float designs.