Teddy Bears

National Childhood Cancer Foundation

     The vision of the National Childhood Cancer Foundation NCCF is to eliminate cancer as the disease which causes more deaths during childhood than any other. To achieve this, specialists in childhood cancer treatment and research must continually learn about the causes and mechanisms of cancer and continually apply new scientific findings in clinical trials to benefit children with cancer.

Teddy Bear Program

     The Teddy Bear Program consists of three steps. First, we gather $50 donations for the NCCF. Second, for each donation, three different Teddy Bear manufacturers donate bears to us. Third, we take the teddy bears to the local hospitals and find child patients to give them to.

     As a result, we make some kids happy and donate to a great cause which could keep some of these kids alive.

Idaho Statesman (20 Nov 1998)

     Well, here is the Nampa Optimist Club crew getting started. We have several boxes of Teddy Bears and they need a little fluffing after the long trip. The teddy bears should be as fluffy and lovable as possible when we give them to the kids.

Left to Right: Mike Gray, Darlene Johnson, Sharalyn Pettitt, hospital staff, Dean Shafer, Bud Aune, Dennis Boyd and Ed Howard.

Here we are posing for pictures again. Left to right: Mike Gray, Dean Shafer, Darlene Johnson, Vickie White, Ed Howard, Sharalyn Pettitt, Dale Williamson, Dennis Boyd and Debbie Lasher.

Here is Darlene Johnson passing out a teddy bear. Darlene did a great job as the chair person for this project.

Dennis Boyd gives another teddy bear away to a young boy while his Mom (?) watches on.

Here are some of the happy kids (and one very shy parent). Just something
about teddy bears can make a kid smile.

This is the crew that visited the Intensive Care Unit. Left to Right are: Debbie Lasher, Mike Gray, Dennis Boyd, hospital staff, Darlene Johnson and hospital staff.

This group went to the Mountain States Tumor Institute. Left to Right are: half of Dean Shafer, Ed Howard, Sharalyn Pettitt, Vickie White and hospital staff.