Santa Letters

Santa Claus Letter Process

    Every year we like to get together for our annual Christmas Banquet.

    Our first year, we didn't have much money, but we always have enthusiastic people who want to do something for kids. Someone brought up the idea of helping the Post Office with all those Santa Claus Letters that they can't seem to get delivered (Santa keeps moving because of glacial shifting).

    Since one of our Optimist members just happens to be good friends with the head elf (well, the head of shipping), we thought we could help out. We collect the
Santa Claus letters from the Post Office, then Santa stops by and signs them all. Then, we mail them back. Each Santa Claus letter is wonderful in its' own way. Some make you laugh, a few make you cry.

    It sure is fun and Santa Claus really is a jovial guy. He likes the various foods we bring, like prime rib. Yes.... Cookies and Milk are still among his favorites.

Santa Claus Letters (IPT - 1998) ...
Santa Claus Letters (IPT - 1997)