Building playgrounds are a great way to help the youth of Nampa Idaho. The City of Nampa Idaho asked us to help with the construction of the playground equipment. Since we were a brand new club, and had very little money but, relatively strong backs, we decided to help. Here are some of the results of our efforts.

City Acres Park

22 February 1997

    This is our first playground. These playgrounds come in a box and they are very well designed.The old playground was made from logs, and had lots of graffiti and burn marks etc. The new playground is made from metal and plastics. It takes special tools to put it together. Most types of spray paint just falls off. It should have fewer slivers too.

    This park is located at the corner of 4th St N and 4th Ave N.

Hunter Park

5 April 1997

    This is the Hunter Park Playground. The second one always goes together much easier. The ground is covered with rubber mats and bark to soften falls. After all, children will fall. They are less likely to get hurt.

    This park is located just west of 9th Ave. N. between 3rd and 4th St. N.

Eastside Park

2 Aug 1997

    Here is the Eastside Park Playground. This was once the site of Eastside Elementary school. It is now a park with this playground at one end and some nice trees.

This park is located at Roosevelt and 22nd Ave. S.

Skateboard Park

    The skateboard park idea was initialized by kids who like to skateboard. They were being told not to ride their skateboards just about everywhere.

    A couple of them started thinking they needed their own place to ride. These kids started a campaign to build a skateboard park. They didn't know who would provide the land, money or equipment. They just kept asking until they found someone.

    They found the City of Nampa Idaho was willing to help and even provided some land. Many other people and companies helped also.

    The Nampa Optimist Club took part in the initial planning stages and helped install the sprinkler system.

    The Stampede Skateboard Park is located on 11th Ave N and Stampede Dr.

Stampede Skateboard Park (IPT 18 Dec 1999)