Basketball Clinic

     One of our earliest fund raisers for the Nampa Optimist Club was Program sales for the Idaho Stampede Basketball games. The team leaders (Clay Moser) were very organized with these programs. They were great to work with.

     We also had some very good Basketball Clinics for the kids. The kids loved it because they could actually play basketball on the wooden floor at the Idaho Center. The basketball players enjoyed working with the public.

     At the beginning of the clinic, the kids get to watch the team practice. The kids were great about keeping the noise level down. The team needed to concentrate during practice.

     Look at all the kids. We got the word out through some free advertising with the Idaho Press Tribune and the Idaho Statesman. We counted about 300 kids that day!

     Clay Moser, the CEO of the Idaho Stampede is a great teacher. He could also shoot baskets a lot better than most people.

     Clay and his staff were wonderful to work with. They are always organized and they always did what they said they would.

     Rory White is the head coach. After watching him help the kids shoot baskets, I understood why he was chosen as head coach. Every kid, regardless of skill level, walked away feeling that they could shoot baskets.

     Well, here we go. The kids have been patiently waiting. Now, the real fun begins. Let the children play!